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The goal of this site is to inform the user about design applied to marketing. All strategy needs those who design it; in this case, the strategy is marketing and the soldiers of this market battle are the design elements. Throughout the site, we will introduce different aspects of this marketing's aspect, specific of the design work.

Every design, when it is a good design, conducts a previous marketing research. The corporate Logo is not created based on the personal likes of the client, but the client hires marketing experts and market researchers who indicate him what is it that the public wants to see. However, this way, every design would have its own development and marketing research, and the group of designs comes from a same design and has the same goal, be it together or separately.

On this site we will discuss marketing expressed in design elements, which have a previous market research and a goal of action on that same market, modifying and attracting sales and clients. Achieving a correct marketing campaign from design is not something impossible to do if you do not have much money: on this site we will provide you with a series of guidelines, recommendations and pieces of advice, which will make up a theoretical and practical guide that will help you improve your company from a proper design campaign applied to marketing.

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In the different sections of this site, you will find precise information about different aspects of this topic. These sections are put in such way that you go from the central part to the peripheral one. In What is Marketing? you will find a precise definition of the concept and a presentation of its basic and general features. In Design applied to Marketing, we will discuss the direct application of a discipline to another one to achieve the same goal. Corporate Identity is a section that deals with the concept that, probably, illustrates the entire site, the concept that marketing and design companies use to sell the company's image service from the market research. Next, we will find two sections that will discuss the pillars of design applied to marketing. Logo design is a section that presents the topic of the most important element of design: the Corporate Logo. In Web Design, we will discuss the branch of design that talks about the other important element in the design: the corporate website.

Having described each and every one of the sections that make up this site, it is up to you if you want to read it in order or not, if you want to read it all or not. We recommend that you read the whole site and that you do it in the established order because, from the first section to the last one, there is a progression and an original direction to which the reader is lead to, so that the information he gets in a section is not explained in the following one. We think that the proposed reading is the best one, but the final decision is up to you.

Welcome to this integral site of design applied to marketing and business. Thank you for choosing us to accompany you in this new path and we hope we can be as helpful as possible. We invite you to surf this site we have created for you.

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