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Marketing and design are disciplines that mix very well. The former puts the limits within which the latter moves. That is to say, marketing analyzes the market to plan the best way to sell the products and improve the company's image; whereas design is in charge of the mechanisms that will make it possible, from the data the market research provides. Thus, these two disciplines complement each other in order to organize a good ad campaign.

What is marketing's role? The market research analyzes in the first place those to whom a given product can be sold or those who are the company's potential clients. This is the target group, a group of people sharing the same commercial behavior who turn into the company's sales goal. Having established the target group, the analysis focuses on how this group is formed —the social-economic formation. Within this formation, we will try to look for the target group's range of age —e.g. from 35 to 65—, the gender — women, men or both—, purchasing power and the product's usage —cars only have one usage but wood has many usages.

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Knowing all these, the analysis searches to know how necessary the product is. Basic commodities are not treated in the same way as luxury products. Finally, the research establishes the product's sale venues; that is to say, where people who buy it go. This is not the same as «where people go to buy it». Why? Because if people go to buy the product to a given place, this is a secondary point for a marketing expert, since in this site sale is guaranteed; what he wants to know is where people who are interested in the product go, even though they do not go there to buy it. With all these pieces of information, and with a marketing campaign based on design, the marketing expert will start to work with the designers.

The designer receives the information that the marketing expert has collected and analyzed, and starts to work with him. They both start to choose the type of design that is more attractive and motivating for those who make up the group. From the design's concept to the used colors and typographies, everything is sensitive to analysis. They try to move and motivate consumers in the best possible way through graphic elements.

Let's see an example. Let's suppose we are talking about a company that organizes children parties. What we try to do is refresh the company's image. The market research showed a target group of 25-45-year-old women with a upper-middle purchasing power. This data is provided to the designer. With a finished design, the marketing expert starts to work together with the designer. They decide to change the typography for a funnier one, add strong and contrasting colors within the red, orange and yellow range. The marketing expert makes some modifications and indicates the designer that the target group is made up of 20-45-year-old-women and not kids, since they are not the ones paying for the service. The idea is to show the company as a fun, modern and responsible one. Once the changes are made, the design is presented to the company, which will accept or reject the project.

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