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The Logo is a design element that is made up of typography and an icon. This is the most important element for the company's image. Within the group of corporate identity, it has the most important role, since it is the fundamental and foundational design. The fundamental aspect has to do with the fact that no company can launch a product to the market if it does not have a corporate Logo. Every product needs a Logo to be sold, so that consumers know who produces it and who is responsible for it. The foundational aspect has to do with the fact of establishing the criteria that the other designs must meet. That is to say, since the Logo is the first element and the corporate identity needs firm parameters, the corporate Logo is made up of itself and the other designs that must meet the criteria with which it was created.

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When you think about creating a Logo, you also have to think about the Logo you want to have. You can choose from three different types. Each one of them has advantages and disadvantages. Next we will discuss the three types so you can take the right decision and you can really take advantage of this element. When choosing the type of Logo for your company, you must bear in mind this is not an element you can regularly modify —for a corporate Logo to be effective, this needs to stay the same for years.

  • Logotype: It is the one that only consists of typography. It excludes an icon. When using this type of Logo, you should contemplate typography's two perspectives. On the one hand, the typography (typeface) transmits a verbal message. That is to say, a normal written message —what is written with it. This type of message is easy to interpret since it is done in a conscious way from the language's letters. On the other hand, there is a hidden message IN the typography. We do not mean what is written with it, but what it transmits, regardless what is written. The right selection of a typeface is essential when we deal with logotypes. No one is unaware of the variety of typefaces —modern, old-fashioned, serious, funny, etc. The important thing is to choose a typeface that goes with what you want to transmit. If you want to give the idea of seriousness, a funny typeface would ruin your goal. Therefore, it is highly important to carefully choose it.
  • Isotype: This Logo lacks typography and is exclusively made of the icon. An example of this is the Nike Swoosh. As opposed to the previous one, this Logo is not that clear, since it cannot support itself in words. However, the advantage is that an image is easier to remember than a word. Psychological studies support this. Even though the capability of transmitting a clear message is lower, it is easier to remember. Then, how do we choose? That is up to you, since both features are extremely important. Depending on the type of company you own and the investment you make in advertising, that is how you choose your Logo.
  • Isologotype: This one is the combination of the other two. It has an icon and typography. This Logo transmits the message easily, since it can use both word and image to do it. The message has a greater possibility of being understood and correctly transmitted. However, the number of elements on it makes it difficult to remember. In design, there is a golden rule that states that the more complicated an element, the more difficult it is to remember. Then, you should consider if it is convenient to transmit the business message securely or if it is better to resign that in order to be easily remembered.

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