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Web design is the branch of design that is in charge of developing, planning and modifying an Internet site. Nowadays, this activity is at its highest due to the incredible demand. The creation of a website is essential for the development of a company. Why? Let's explain this with this element's features.


This is the feature that distinguishes it from the rest. The elements, which make up a company's corporate identity, are designs that transmit a message from the company to consumers. In these designs, the public is the passive recipient of the message. However, on the website, there are two types of interaction that make the recipient become active. The first type of interaction is called user-company. In this case, the visitor of the site receives a message that is transmitted through the design. The recipient feels something in relation to that message and answers back through the contact section of the page. The company receives the answers and, in turn, answers back. Therefore, the dialogue begins and a lot of valuable information is taken for the marketing campaign. The marketing expert will analyze the information in order to know the likes, concerns, goals and desires of the consumers who belong to the company's target group.

The second type of interaction is called user-site. In this case, the interaction is not between two human beings, but the user is involved in the design to make it useful. That is to say, when a person receives a leaflet in the street, he cannot choose what to read and what not to. However, in a site divided into sections, the user decides what to read. Thus, the information that the user receives is the one he wants. This will make the company look good.

Presence in the market:

Since the Internet is the most used medium to search for products and companies, being well positioned on the Web means being well positioned in the market. Being able to achieve a site that interests and captivates users will make your company scale within the market in which it is operating. Advertising and marketing campaigns are a great tool, but without a Web page as reference, they will not fulfill their goal.

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Point of reference:

Before industrialization and globalization, each community had its own plant or company which everybody knew and had a relationship with, where many people worked, etc. That is to say, everybody knew the building and the company. Nowadays, this is not so —nobody knows the company's building and they do not even know the company unless they do an exhaustive search. To solve this, we use the Internet site. The company's Web page is the new building, the new point of reference, the new place where people go to get information and to share their concerns.

This is a great benefit for the company and a great opportunity to introduce itself. Having a building as Microsoft's is something impossible for a medium or small-sized company, but having a website as good as that of Microsoft is relatively easy. Thus, you will be able to introduce your company as if it were bigger than it really is.

Let's see the site's functions. We have already seen its basic features, now we will see what they are for.


Traditional advertising wants to move through ads without caring about the product it is selling. That is to say, there are two types of advertising —the one that exaggerates the positive features of a product and the one that moves with the argument. The former are those which show the product making something it is impossible. However, the publicist making the ad does not care about that. He is trying to shock the viewer, and he does it perfectly. The other type of advertising has nothing to do with the product —a moving story is shown and then the product is presented. The mechanism consists of transporting the satisfaction the viewer feels when watching the story to the product. However, on the Internet, this is not so —advertisements are little links that take the user to the website of the sponsor he clicks. Then, what attracts the user is the website and not the advertisement. Therefore, you have to make your website as good, attractive and effective as possible; and then, you can take care of the ad campaign.


From your site, you will be able to conduct a great promotion campaign. Promotion consists of adding something to the product to make it more desirable in order to increase sales. Some of the most effective promotion examples on the Web are:

  1. Putting a list of offers on your site. This list will only be known through your company's site. Thus, you force people to enter your site in order to know them. This way, you not only increase the number of visits to your site but also you will make people think that they are the only ones who know about these offers and they will try to take advantage of this and of their ability to find good prices.
  2. Putting a number or a code on the products you want to promote. Besides the number or code, add an explanation of the promotion and your website address. The people who enter those numbers in the corresponding section of your Web page will be able to print tickets for some show, for the movies, for the theater, etc.
  3. Put discounts tickets for the products you want to promote. Users will have to print these coupons and submit them in the shops that offer this promotion. This will increase the visits of those who are not yet your clients to your site.

Sale venues:

If you ask your designer to create an e-commerce site, your sales will increase. An e-commerce site is a website which has the capacity to sell products from it. That is to say, you do not have an address or a telephone number to put an order, but people have the possibility to choose what to buy and how much to buy, and they only enter their information. You do not have to do anything; the site does everything. But the most important thing about these sites is that they can sell your products to people all over the world, at any time, any day, no matter what. Entering the Internet market means opening to the biggest and most promising sale venue.

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